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About this yogini...

crouch me.jpg

Photography by Chevelle Sands

Thanks for visiting, I’m Evie- a New Zealander living in London with a passion for yoga, sustainability and all-round wellbeing.

This website was created as a platform to share ideas, home-made yoga items and online Vinyasa Flow and Nidra Yoga classes. 

I have a background in Fine Arts and focused my dissertation on sustainable fashion. With an invested interest in sustainability I took a break from fashion and grew my career in Major Events. As an Event Manager I work a variety of hours and come under a lot of stress. Throughout my five years in London I have reignited my love and need for yoga in my life.

My daily practice includes a variety of yoga styles such as, Vinyasa Flow, Rocket, Power Flow, Mandala, Yin & Yang, Restorative and Mindful Flow. As you can tell I never sit still and love to move my body and power my brain.

With a fine line between craft and art, I have started to create yoga items to be used in studio- which will help combat COVID-19. Review my shop and take a look at what else I get up too.

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